About Us

Members of The English Ceramic Circle and The Northern Ceramic Society

The success of Juno Antiques rests on three people's passion for English pottery and porcelain.

Dr Paul McKay has enjoyed collecting examples of fine English porcelain for 15 years, during which time he has amassed a wealth of expertise. Paul has considerable knowledge of the vast output produced by the Isleworth, Bow, Worcester, Liverpool, Caughley and Lowestoft factories.

Haydn Hansell was born and raised in the Potteries, his family having worked for various Staffordshire pottery manufacturers over several generations. This connection provided the spark for an early appreciation of 18th and 19th-century English pottery and porcelain, further refined through his work for both the Victoria and Albert Museum and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

Miles Thompson has been a collector of antiques for over 40 years. His interest began at the age of six when he discovered a ten shilling note in his grandmother's garden, with which he purchased a Victorian transfer-printed pot from a local antique shop. Today, he is particularly interested in early 19th-century porcelain.

In Loving Memory of Homer (1999-2013), our dearest friend and companion.