Rare two-handled Bowl and Cover, Du Paquier, Vienna, hard paste porcelain, c.1730


Perhaps intended for use as an ecuelle for broth, this rare Du Paquier two-handled bowl and cover dates to around 1730.

It is moulded and painted with red, blue, green and yellow prunus blossom and blue plums, the branches highlighted with gilding, and interspersed with painted indianische Blumen sprigs. Two characteristically angular handles are attached either side of the footed bowl. At the rim is a border of continuous blue scrolling strapwork outlined in red. Two shell-type motifs are suspended from this band in gilt and shades of red. The border is repeated in simpler form around the foot. The domed cover is decorated with the same moulded and painted prunus blossom, branches and plums. The blue and red strapwork border is punctuated with three radiating demi-flower heads in blue, red and gilt. The handle is naturalistically modelled as an entwined rose stem with three leaves, a flower bud, and the full, pink rose forming the knop.

Prunus-moulded decoration is rarely seen with Du Paquier, and this form, with its combination of painted European and Chinese motifs is even more unusual. Du Paquier did favour angular handles, but the use of a rose and its stem for a knop / handle on the cover appears to be most scarce.

Condition: Both handles have been broken and re-stuck. There is a small flat chip to the rim (above one of the handles), and also a faint 1.8 cm hairline from the rim. Two sections of the cover have been broken and re-stuck, and there is also a 5.5 cm crack leading from one of the breaks. The rose knop and the rose bud have both been broken and re-stuck. Part of the rose stem is lacking, and there is a chip to one of the four large petals of the rose knop.

Dimensions: Height 12 cm (to the top of the knop); Diameter (of the bowl) 11.2 cm

This handle form occurs as the knop on a Du Paquier cup and cover, c.1730-35, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (40.65.1a,b, Rogers Fund, 1940).


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