Rare Knife, Doccia, hard paste porcelain, c.1745-50


The moulded pistol haft is decorated with panels of dense Kakiemon flowers, divided by a colourful scale-pattern border, edged with baroque Laub- und Bandelwerk, and Chinese-style trellis motifs. Fitted with a silver-gilt blade.

The iron-red strapwork is reminiscent of the patterns found on Du Paquier Vienna porcelain. At Doccia, this style of decoration is associated with Johann Carl Wendelin Anreiter von Zirnfeld. A Viennese gilder and porcelain painter, Anreiter headed the painting studio at Doccia between 1737-46.

Provenance: Purchased in 1980 from Lukacs & Donath Antiquities, Via Veneto 183, Rome; Collezione Procida Mirabelli di Lauro; an English Private Collection.

Condition: A very small section of the haft (measuring 2 cm x 0.5 cm) has been out and restuck, with no overpainting or restoration. There is a small patch of sanding from firing, close to the blade attachment, and one or two tiny glaze abrasions which may have occurred during manufacture, as they appear to have been subsequently decorated. A 2.5 cm clay tear occurred along the top seam during the firing process. There is minor surface wear to the enamels.

Dimensions: Length 19.5 cm (including blade)

Cutlery: From Gothic to Art Deco - The J. Hollander Collection, Jan van Trigt (Petraco-Pandora NV, 1999).

Ref. Sandor Donath opened an Antiques Gallery in Budapest in 1890. In 1950, Imre Lukacs and Hedda Donath established the Lukacs & Donath Gallery in Rome, when they arrived from Hungary.



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