Unusual delftware Vase, possibly Liverpool, c.1750-60


This unusual bulb shaped vase, with its globular body and everted neck, is painted in shades of blue with stylised Chinese-type flowers, bamboo and flying insects. There are also a number of strange, dotted circular motifs. The pigment is watery and blotchy, giving a mottled effect to the painting, as often seen with Liverpool delftware. The glaze is a bluish white, and the body of the vase is buff coloured. The unglazed base is slightly concave.

Condition: The neck has been reduced slightly and the mouth ground to a smooth finish, presumably to remove chipping. There is also a short (1 cm) hairline from the rim. No other damage or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 12.7 cm

Delftware: The Tin-glazed Earthenware of the British Isles, Michael Archer (V&A/HMSO, 1997).

English Delftware, F.H. Garner and Michael Archer (Faber & Faber, 1972).


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