Figure, biscuit porcelain, Minton, c.1825-45


This delightful biscuit porcelain figure of a child kneeling on a cushion, removing shoes, is listed as No. 12 in the Minton design book, where it is given the title Good Night. The companion to this figure is (Infant) Samuel, No. 11, being a model of a boy kneeling on a cushion, praying.

The child's face, curls, fingers and toes are especially well-moulded, as is the fringed and tasselled cushion.

Typically unmarked.

Condition: Excellent - no chips, cracks or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 9 cm

Minton Pottery & Porcelain of the First Period, 1793-1850, Geoffrey A. Godden (Barrie & Jenkins, 1992).



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