Rare figure of a Sportsman in the white, Bow, c.1756


Modelled in the white, this rare Bow figure of a sportsman captures the moment our hunting gentleman is about to raise his pistol to fire. He wears a cockade in his tricorn hat, flowing jacket, waistcoat, breeches and boots, a sabre at his side, his 'dismal' hound seated at his feet.

The contrapposto pose, with knee bent, arm raised across his chest, and flaring coat tails perfectly embodies the Rococo spirit of the time. The low circular base is also moulded with Rococo C-scrolls. The figure is supported and balanced by a tree stump with simple bocage. There is a squarish hole at the rear, perhaps to take tôle fittings supporting a candle sconce.

It is rare to find this uncommon figure in the white.

Provenance: The Walton Temple Collection.

Condition: The right arm had at one time been reattached with staples, although these have been removed and the holes filled. The right hand has been professionally restored, as has the pistol barrel. A leaf on the tree stump has been restored. There are original clay tears from firing. There are the expected tiny losses to leaf tips, but no other damage or apparent restoration.

Dimensions: Height 13 cm

Bow Porcelain: The Collection formed by Geoffrey Freeman, A. Gabszewicz & G. Freeman (Lund Humphries, 1982).


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