Dolphin Ewer Creamboat, Lowestoft, soft paste porcelain, c.1775


This attractive Lowestoft moulded creamboat is painted in colourful enamels with a large anemone in a bouquet of European flowers. The reverse is painted with two pink roses. A large scallop shell and a pair of 'dolphins' are moulded beneath the pouring lip. The rim is painted with a chocolate brown line in imitation of Meissen porcelain.


Condition: Excellent - no chips, cracks or restoration.

Dimensions: Height (to top of handle) 7.6 cm

The Illustrated Guide to Lowestoft Porcelain, Geoffrey A. Godden (Praeger, 1969).

Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum, Volume 2, Sheenah Smith (Norfolk Museums Service, 1975).


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