Small Sparrow beak Creamer, Lowestoft, soft paste porcelain, c.1775


This delightful creamer is penciled in black with a bouquet of flowers and scattered sprigs beneath an intricate, swagged border, the details highlighted in gilt.

The style of decoration, rather rare on Lowestoft, originated on Chinese export porcelain, in which a fine brush or 'pencil' was used to draw a scene in monochrome black.


Condition: Good - no damage or restoration and the decoration is in excellent order. There are the expected potting and firing irregularities often seen with Lowestoft, such as the area of roughness around the footrim, typical staining, and also the small glaze free patches on the handle. There are what appear to be a couple of file marks to the footrim.

Dimensions: Height 8.2 cm

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Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum, Volume 2, Sheenah Smith (Norfolk Museums Service, 1975).


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