Sparrow beak Creamer, Worcester, soft paste porcelain, c.1754-56


Painted in underglaze blue with the Prunus Root pattern of flowering branches issuing from the gnarled roots of a prunus tree. Flowers and flying insects trail across the body and inside the everted rim.

The flared neck, squashed foot, and baluster form with bulbous body are all characteristic of this early period at Worcester and echo a Georgian silver form.

Incised line and workman's mark.

Bow, Longton Hall, Lowestoft and Isleworth each produced a version of this pattern.

Condition: Excellent - no damage or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 9 cm

Worcester Blue and White Porcelain 1751-1790, Branyan, French & Sandon (Barrie & Jenkins, 1989).


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