Agateware Fork, probably Whieldon-Wedgwood, c.1754-59


Of pistol grip form fitted with two steel tines held in place with a silver ferrule, the small size of this fork suggests that it would have been used for eating game.

Lead-glazed solid agateware knife and fork hafts were produced in Staffordshire, with examples of this type and period known from excavations carried out on the factory site of the Whieldon-Wedgwood partnership.

Condition: Good - the steel tines are in good order, and the ferrule is fine, with just a few age-related dimples. There are one or two very fine fissures in the agateware body - difficult to see because of the pattern, and also a small pinhole, perhaps where an impurity fired out during manufacture.

Dimensions: Length of handle (including silver ferrule) just under 8 cm; Length (including steel tines) 16.8 cm


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