Small Sauceboat, Worcester, soft paste porcelain, c.1756-60


This small, low-footed sauceboat of convex-fluted form is painted in underglaze blue with the Fringed Tree pattern. On one side, a figure is depicted fishing on an island. A small dwelling nestles beside a large diagonal rock out of which grows a fringed, overhanging tree. The reverse is painted with two dwellings on an island and two figures, one of whom is in a sailboat. The border is of trailing flowers and diapered panels.

Workman's mark.

This type of tau or T-shaped handle also occurs on contemporary Vauxhall wares.

Condition: Excellent - no damage or restoration, just a small clay tear or firing crack where the upper handle terminal is attached to the body. This occurred during the manufacturing process and is not uncommon with seams and joins in porcelain production.

Dimensions: Length 14.5 cm

Worcester Blue and White Porcelain 1751-1790, Branyan, French & Sandon (Barrie & Jenkins, 1989).


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