Rare Saucer, Lowestoft, soft paste porcelain, c.1770


This thinly potted Lowestoft saucer is painted with a rare famille rose variation on the Worcester Red Bull pattern.

The figure to the left of the bull holds a basket of fruit, whilst the figure on the right stands before a large rock formation from which issues a trailing peony. The bull is neatly painted in black, with some fine shading, and red is used for the outline of the hands and faces of the two figures. The scene is surrounded by a red loop-and-line border. The use of yellow, lavender and duck egg blue enamels is exceptional.

I can find no other examples of this pattern in the literature.


Condition: Good - no damage or restoration, just characteristic Lowestoft stilt marks to the rims, and fully-glazed potting flaws including a slither to the inside of the footrim, and minor sanding and wear.

Dimensions: Saucer - Diameter 12.1 cm

Ref. In her paper The Origin of some Chinese Designs used on Early Worcester (ECC Transactions, vol. 12, no. 3, 1986), Zorka Hodgson considers the Worcester pattern in relation to the work of the Ming artist Ding Yunpeng (1547-1628), particularly as he favoured the use of red in his paintings.

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