Teapot and Cover, Sugar Box and Cover, and Milk Jug, solid jasper, Wedgwood, c.1787


Each piece is made of pale blue jasper with engine-turned decoration and applied sprigging. The spout and handle terminals of both the teapot and the milk jug bear acanthus moulding. The globular knops are surrounded by sprigged leaves and a circlet of beads. The teapot has a domed strainer.

The small, drum-shaped teapot is decorated with Charlotte mourning at the tomb of Werther, based on a scene from Goethe's 1774 novel The Sorrows of Young Werther. The reverse is decorated with Sportive Love. Both designs were by Elizabeth, Lady Templetown and modelled by William Hackwood. Sportive Love is repeated on the sugar box. The reverse is decorated with classical, playful amorini, as is the milk jug.

Each piece is impressed with WEDGWOOD marks and the numeral 3, the sugar box and milk jug also bearing the impressed mark O.

A revised edition of Goethe's nascent Romantic work appeared in 1787, inspiring artists and designers throughout Europe during the elegantly restrained neoclassical period of the 1780s.

Condition: Teapot - a small, flat blemish or aberation to the cover. No restoration; Sugar Box - a section out of the base has been reattached. There is a tiny firing crack to the tummy of one of the putti. No restoration; Milk Jug - no damage or restoration. There is a tiny firing crack or clay tear to the elbow crease of one of the putti, from manufacture.

Dimensions: Height of Teapot 10 cm; Height of Sugar Box 10 cm; Height of Milk Jug 6 cm

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