Cane Handle, Saint-Cloud, soft paste porcelain, c.1720-40


This Saint-cloud porcelain cane handle is of an unusually small size. The top is finely painted in an attractive shade of underglaze blue with a stylised flower head. The lower portion is encircled by a narrow band of cross-hatching above a cell border.

Condition: No damage or restoration. The painted decoration is especially attractive. The base rim may have been ground a fraction, possibly for fitting the handle to a cane.

Dimensions: Height 3.6 cm

This is the smallest of three Saint-Cloud cane handles currently in our inventory.

Discovering the Secrets of Soft-Paste Porcelain at the Saint-Cloud Manufactory, c.1690-1766, Bertrand Rondot, Ed. (BGC / Yale, 1999).


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