Ecuelle and Cover, Doccia, hard paste porcelain, c.1750


This exquisite Doccia ecuelle and cover (taza da brodo) with its elaborate baroque-style scroll handles, is decorated with trailing flowers in underglaze cobalt blue. In this piece, the masters at Doccia took a European silver shape and combined it with an interest in Chinese blue and white decoration, thereby creating a distinctive item in the new and luxurious medium of porcelain, for use and display on the tables of the wealthy.

The grey paste, known as masso bastardo, and inky-blue painting, is characteristic of Doccia porcelain from this period.

The Marchese Carlo Ginori began to experiment with Italian clays at his palace near Florence, in 1735.

Condition: There are the expected clay tears, impurities, firing cracks and glazed manufacturing faults typical of early Doccia, including a minute, possible frit on the edge of the footrim. There is a tiny chip to the edge of the cover. No other damage and no restoration.

Dimensions: 16 cm across the handles

Eighteenth-Century Italian Porcelain, Clare Le Corbeiller (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1985).

Italian Porcelain, Arthur Lane (Faber, 1954).



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