A Wine Glass with ‘oxo’ border and diamond faceted stem, English, circa 1775

Round funnel bowl with an engraved ‘oxo’ or ‘egg and dart’ border, supported on a diamond faceted stem, and a plain foot. Expected wear to the underside edge of the base and a rough pontil mark.

Glasses with facet stems became increasingly popular during the last quarter of the 18th century. Diamond facets were achieved by taking a plain stem and cutting a series of vertical flutes, usually six. A series of slices were then cut along each edge, resulting in a diamond shape where the slices meet. 

Condition: Good – no chips, cracks, restoration, or polishing. There are a few minor surface scratches to stem and foot, along with inclusions, bubbles and impurities to the glass. 

Dimensions: Height 13.7 cm

Old Glass, O.N. Wilkinson (Ernest Benn Limited, 1968).