A Bow Knife and Fork, circa 1754-58

This large Bow knife and fork are painted in underglaze blue with hatched foliage, stylised strapwork and lambrequins. Much utilised by Saint-Cloud earlier in the century, this style of decoration is loosely derived on the broderie ornaments of the designer Jean Berain (1640-1711) and his followers. The knife has a curved steel blade, and the fork has three tines on a steel baluster stem. Silver ferrules.

Provenance: An English Private Collection.

Condition: The fork is perfect, with no damage or restoration. The knife haft has two 1.5 cm hairlines. There is also a small hole in the knife haft, probably caused by a piece of grit or other impurity being ejected from the clay during the firing process. The steel fittings are good and sharp.

Dimensions: Length of knife 27.6 cm (including blade); Length of fork 22.2 cm (including tines)

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