A Caughley Teapot Stand, circa 1785

This Caughley teapot stand is printed with the Pagoda pattern, which is also known as the Two Temples. A tall and elaborate oriental-style building occupies the foreground of the scene, and two figures can be seen to the right, crossing a small bridge. The name Pagoda occurs in contemporary factory accounts, and it is likely to be a reference to this design.

Teapot stands were of course intended to protect the wooden tea table from a hot teapot and any drips. The six, slightly pointed projections appear to be unique to Caughley, although Worcester produced teapot stands of similar shape.

The base bears the printed ‘Sx’ mark.

Condition: Excellent – no chips, cracks or restoration.

Dimensions: Diameter 14.9 cm

Godden’s Guide to Blue and White Porcelain, Geoffrey A. Godden (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2004).