A Chelsea Gotzkowsky-moulded Plate, Red Anchor period, circa 1756

This finely moulded Chelsea plate is painted with a central bouquet, the outer edge with four vignettes of birds in branches. The rim is outlined in brown enamel. In contemporary Chelsea records Gotzkowsky floral moulding is referred to as ‘damask’d‘ flowers.

Johann Friedrich Eberlein originally created the moulded floral design for the Meissen ‘Empress Elizabeth of Russia’ service in 1741, although the Gotzkowsky name comes from a service ordered by the Berlin merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky (b. 1710), in around 1743-44.


Condition: Excellent – no damage or restoration, and with very little wear to the enamel decoration. Typical Chelsea ‘moons’ visible with the aid of transmitted light. Three stilt marks to the underside.

Dimensions: Diameter 23.5 cm

Chelsea Porcelain, Elizabeth Adams (Barrie & Jenkins, 1987).

Chelsea Porcelain at Williamsburg, John C. Austin (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1977).