A Chinese Coffee Cup, decorated in London, circa 1720-40

Originally painted in underglaze blue with a trailing peony issuing from a rock formation, this Chinese coffee can was transformed by a European decorator with the addition of iron-red and gilt to create an Imari pattern. A neatly painted trellis-flower head border has been added, and the interior base shows the remains of a pink and white enamelled peony with a green, linking it to the ‘Limehouse Class’ of decoration.

Condition: A small chip to the rim and wear to the gilt decoration and enamel flower to the interior base. No cracks or restoration, just original firing flaws.

Dimensions: Height 6 cm

European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain 1700-1830, Helen Espir (Jorge Welsh Books, 2005).

The Watney Collection of Chinese Porcelain Decorated in Holland and England (Bonhams sale catalogue, 7 November, 2003).