Eight Forks with agate hafts, William and Mary, circa 1700

Of small size, for use with game, the tapering eight-sided agate hafts are fitted with engraved silver scalloped ferrules and two tine silver forks on baluster stems. These are held in place with small octagonal caps. This set is of an attractive colour, containing brown, orange and grey hues.

Provenance: An English Private Collection.

Condition: No cracks or restoration. The facets of one haft have been polished smooth. Another haft has a tiny polished abrasion, and a ferrule with some slight movement, although it is still secure. The silver fittings and ferrules are all good, and the tines are sharp, making a really delightful, usable set. 

Dimensions: Length 15.7 cm (including tines)

Cutlery: From Gothic to Art Deco – The J. Hollander Collection, Jan van Trigt (Petraco-Pandora NV, 1999).