A delftware Plate, painted with a couple in a European landscape. London or Bristol, circa 1750-60

The decoration on this mid-18th century delftware plate, that is to say a painted European landscape scene with ‘sponged’ trees and two figures in the foreground, tends to occur on Bristol (Redcliff Backs) wares of this period, although we do know that similar patterns were employed at the London factories during this period.

The remains of three stilt marks can be seen on the edge of the base. 

Condition: Excellent – no cracks or restoration, only a couple of minor chips and the flakes typically associated with this brittle tin glaze. The glaze has a wonderful texture, and the piece is incredibly tactile.

The scarcity and attractiveness of European scenes on English delft give the pieces a desirability for the collector.

Dimensions: Diameter 23.2 cm

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