An Armorial Chinese Plate, decorated in the James Giles studio, circa 1765-70

This Chinese plate was decorated in the London workshop of James Giles. In addition to a large bouquet of flowers, scattered sprigs and a butterfly, the plate bears the armorial crest of an eagle’s head. The outer edge of the plate is decorated with an elaborate gilt border.

The gilt border relates to the Grubbe plate 1 border in The Early James Giles and his Contemporary London Decorators (Hanscombe), p.37.

Hanscombe also illustrates a pair of plates from the same service, p.104. The crest (an eagle’s head erased proper) has not been identified, and the service is described by Hanscombe as hitherto unrecorded.

We also have another plate from this armorial service, this time decorated in the Giles workshop between 1755-60.

Provenance: An American Private Collection.

Condition: There are a few frits and small chips to the underside rim, as well as a 2.5 cm hairline to the rim (at the left of the crest). No restoration. There is some surface and stacking wear to the enamels. Much of the gilt border is rubbed, as is the gilt line rim. There is also wear to parts of the brown enamel rim applied by the Chinese potter. There are the usual minor pinholes and manufacturing irregularities associated with export porcelain. Some minor kiln spit on the reverse resulted from the several individual firings required for the gilt and enamel decoration.

Dimensions: Diameter 22.6 cm

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