A Knife and Fork with veined jasper hafts, possibly Dutch, circa 1700-20

The faceted pistol-grip hafts are of veined jasper. Fitted with scalloped silver ferrules, the fork haft has a silver flower head cap. The blade of another knife in this set is stamped HOW below cutler’s marks, although these marks are partly worn away on this knife. The steel fork has two prongs on a baluster stem.

Provenance: An English Private Collection.

Condition: The fork haft has a small 0.5 cm chip, and a small piece close to the ferrule which may have been restuck. There are fine cracks and one or two more tiny chips, although the haft is still sound and has not been broken through. The knife haft has a few very fine cracks. No other damage and no restoration. The steel and silver fittings are good.

Dimensions: Knife length 26.5 cm (including blade); Fork length 20 cm (including tines)

Cutlery: From Gothic to Art Deco – The J. Hollander Collection, Jan van Trigt (Petraco-Pandora NV, 1999).