A delftware Plate, probably Lambeth, circa 1765

Probably manufactured at the Lambeth factory of Abigail Griffith, the painter has attempted to imitate a Chinese garden scene with a parakeet hanging from a branch, surrounded by flying insects, stylized rocks and flowers. A similar design appears on Liverpool delft and forms were often simplified as the painter had to work quickly on the wet glaze.

Several delft potteries were situated in the London Borough of Lambeth; most notably one at Howard House, Church Street, and another at Fore Street.

Condition: Good – there are several flakes to the extreme edge of the plate and the rich tin glaze has pronounced crazing, this last feature being typical of much of Lambeth delftware from this period. It is almost impossible to find undamaged delft, owing to the fragility of tin glazed earthenware, however this plate has survived exceptionally well. No major chips or restoration.

Dimensions: Diameter 23 cm

Delftware: The Tin-glazed Earthenware of the British Isles, Michael Archer (V&A/HMSO, 1997).