A large Dish, white salt-glazed stoneware, Staffordshire, circa 1760

Made of white salt-glazed stoneware, this large Staffordshire dish is press-moulded with a number of decorative elements, including basketweave (ozier), rococo scrolls and cartouches, and diaper (trellis-work) patterns. Similar designs also occur on tea canisters of this period.

Condition: Very good – there are three clay tears which would have occurred during the drying out stage and subsequent firing process. There are also tiny kiln touches to the rim, one of which resulted in a slight scorch mark. Small areas of the rim edge show similar heat-related faults to the glaze. The underside rim has two small faults which again appear to have occurred during manufacture. One characteristic of salt-glazed wares is that the surface has the dimpled appearance of ‘orange-peel’, and this can be seen on the reverse. No restoration.

Dimensions: 31.5 cm across the widest point

Early Staffordshire Pottery, Bernard Rackham (Faber & Faber, 1951).