• Liverpool delftware tile
  • Liverpool delftware tile
  • Liverpool delftware tile
  • Liverpool delftware
  • Liverpool delftware tile

A Liverpool delftware Tile, painted with a man fishing, circa 1750-60

This tin-glazed earthenware tile is painted in blue with a man seated on a tree stump, fishing. In the fashion of the day, he wears a hat, frock coat, breeches and stockings. The octagonal border is found on Liverpool tiles of this period.

The tile is housed within a rather charming scallop-edged brass frame, backed with a wooden panel.

Condition: The tile has been broken through the centre. There are typical tiny surface abrasions and signs of wear to the glaze. The frame has good patination, with just a couple of marks where labels used to be attached.

Dimensions: Height 13 cm; Width 12.7 cm; Depth 2.4 cm (framed)

Ref. The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, has a tile decorated with the same scene but with a different border (C.47-1963).

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