A rare Meissen Mustard Pot, circa 1735-40

This rare and small ovoid form mustard pot is decorated in a charming Kakiemon design of a branch of indianische Blumen and a butterfly. The everted foot rim harmonises perfectly with the scroll handle, the upper terminal and thumbpiece of which are moulded in the form of a scallop shell.

Kakiemon inspired patterns at Meissen are often said to include indianische Blumen (Indian flowers), an odd term that to the mind of early 18th-century Europeans who regarded India, China and Japan as almost interchangeable and entirely foreign, typified the exotic effect of pure white porcelain painted with bold and bright eastern flowers and animals.

Painted underglaze blue crossed swords mark and Pressnummer 24.

Condition: Excellent – no chips, cracks or restoration.

Dimensions: Height 7.6 cm 

18th-Century German Porcelain, George Savage (Rockliff, 1958).