A rare Frankenthal Tea Bowl decorated in the Chinese manner, circa 1755-59

This small tea bowl, dating from the earliest period of porcelain production at Frankenthal under Karl Hannong, combines a Japanese scalloped form with detailed decoration in Chinese famille verte colours. Vases and Daoist emblems are arranged around the exterior and also the interior base. The border is of finely hatched alternating red lines beneath a chocolate-brown rim.

The white void between the painted decoration is reminiscent of that found in Japanese Kakiemon compositions, where the space helps to create the overall harmony and balance of a design.

The base is marked in underglaze blue with the rampant lion mark for the Rheinland-Palatinate.

The glaze and paste give a nod towards the Strasbourg faience origins of the Hannong family’s pre-Frankenthal wares, and the finely detailed painting shows French as well as Meissen influences and interpretations of Far Eastern themes.

It is worth noting that Chinese motifs are rare on Frankenthal porcelain.

Condition: Excellent, with no damage or restoration, and only the lightest wear in places.

Dimensions: Diameter 7 cm; Height 4 cm

Frankenthal Porcelain in the Porcelain Collection of the Grand Dukes of Hesse, Darmstadt, Alexa-Beatrice Christ (Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt, 2007).