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A sprigged stoneware Dish or Stand, Staffordshire, 19th century

The rim of this brown stoneware dish is decorated with six applied white jasperware flower sprigs, closely resembling a dahlia. It is possible that this was a stand for a flower pot, similarly decorated, although an exact match for the sprigs has not been found.

E.J. Ridgway and Dudson both produced sprigged stoneware in Staffordshire from the middle part of the 19th century. Their useful wares included cheese domes and water bottles, both of which would have required matching stands.

Marks: Impressed with the small letters B and Q. Tiny stilt marks to the base, arranged in a triangular formation.

Condition: Excellent – no damage or restoration.

Dimensions: Diameter 23 cm, with an internal diameter of 16.5 cm; Height 3 cm

My thanks to Tony Curnock, Jonathan Dutton, Angela Grant and Gunilla Loe for sharing their expertise and research.

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