A Worcester Butterboat, circa 1760-65

This fine butterboat was intended for the serving of melted butter at the dining tables of the wealthy. It is moulded with overlapping geranium leaves, the handle taking the form of a leaf stalk. The well is delicately painted in underglaze blue with the Formal Rose pattern. Three floral sprays and a beetle are arranged around the outer edge. The artist paid particular attention to shading when painting the rose.

This style of painting is very much in the manner of that found on blue and white Meissen of the 1750s, reflecting a change in the London market, as fashionable tastes trended towards European decoration and away from Chinese patterns.


Condition: Excellent – no damage or restoration, just minor glaze impurities. The rim is crisply moulded and the painting a most attractive shade of grey-blue.

Dimensions: Length 8.7 cm 

Worcester Blue and White Porcelain 1751-1790, Branyan, French & Sandon (Barrie & Jenkins, 1989).

Ref. The British Museum has an example of this shape and pattern (Museum number 1887,0307,V.53).