A delftware Charger, probably Bristol, circa 1740-50

This delftware charger is attractively painted in blue with trailing flowers and foliage issuing from a mound. Elements of the central scene continue onto the cavetto, and reoccur in three smaller scenes around the wide border. With this style of decoration, the painters of English delftware aimed to emulate scenes found on Chinese blue and white porcelain. Further evidence of this can be found in the remains of a dark brown line once decorating the rim, in imitation of Chinese export porcelain.

The shape of the charger and the style of flower painting suggest Bristol as the origin.

Condition: No cracks or restoration, just typical losses to the fragile tin glaze around the edge. The thick glaze has a few pinholes from manufacture. There are three stilt marks to the underside.

Dimensions: Diameter 29.8 cm 

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