A Fürstenberg figure of a Monkey Band Bagpipe Player, circa 1774-75

Modelled by Johann Christoph Rombrich, a male monkey stands against a tree stump holding a set of bagpipes. He wears a black hat, yellow coat with white waistcoat beneath picked out in gold, and red breeches. The Rococo-scrolled base is picked out in purple.

Script F mark in blue to the underside of the base.

This Fürstenberg figure of a monkey band (Affenkapelle) bagpipe player is after a Meissen figure modelled by J.J. Kaendler and P. Reinicke.

Condition: There are small losses to the fingers of his right hand and the pipes. The mouthpiece, toes of his left foot and the fingers of his left hand have been restored.

Dimensions: Height 14.7 cm