A Sèvres Teapot and Cover (théièreCalabre‘), 1766

This exquisite Sèvres théière ‘Calabre’, is beautifully hand-painted in camaïeu bleu with bouquets and entwined garlands. The knop is formed as a small blue flower with a leafy stem. The rims are decorated with a gilt dentil design, and the handle and terminals are picked out in gilt with feuille de choux, dots and lines. A gilt band encircles the foot. The antique gilt metal spout and strainer replaces the original.

Marked with interlaced Ls, enclosing the date letter N for 1766. The base also bears an incised cursive M.

Condition: There are two flat chips to the underside of the cover flange and minute losses to the petals of the flower knop. No other damage and no restoration. The enamel and gilt decoration is in excellent order, and there are only a few minor surface scratches to the white soft-paste porcelain.

Dimensions: Height (to top of flower finial) 13.6 cm 

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