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An exceptionally rare and important Worcester ‘Wigornia’ Creamboat, circa 1752-53
Worcester ‘Wigornia’ Creamboat, circa 1752-53 (reverse)
A rare Worcester Eloping Bride Spoon Tray, circa 1765-68
A large Worcester Caudle or Chocolate Cup, decorated in the Giles studio with trailing flowers, circa 1768
A Bristol delftware Plate with Fazackerley decoration. Richard Frank, Redcliff Back, circa 1750-60
A late Ming Chinese Kraak porcelain Dish, painted with a bird on a rock surrounded by foliage. Wanli to Chongzhen Period, circa 1600-30
A late Ming Chinese Kraak porcelain Dish, painted with a large flowering peony beside a rocky outcrop. Wanli to Chongzhen Period, circa 1600-30
A late Ming Chinese Kraak porcelain Dish, painted with a bird surrounded by flowers. Wanli to Chongzhen Period, circa 1600-30
A Worcester Warbler Coffee Can, circa 1758
A small Worcester Coffee Cup, painted with flowers in puce camaïeu, circa 1768
A rare and small Liverpool delftware Dish, painted with a lady in a pavilion, circa 1760
A rare William Reid Coffee Can, painted with Fancy Birds. Liverpool, circa 1758-61
A miniature Japanese hexagonal baluster Vase, decorated with two trees drooping with prunus blossom. Arita kilns, Edo period, circa 1730-50
A Bow Sugar Bowl with shaped rim and applied prunus sprigging, circa 1750
A Fürstenberg Monkey Band Bagpipe Player, modelled by Johann Christoph Rombrich, circa 1774-75
A moulded Mennecy silver-mounted Snuff Box, painted with floral sprays, circa 1760
A Chinese Punch Pot and Cover, painted with a fenced garden containing a hollow rock, peonies and bamboo. Qianlong, circa 1760
A rare Meissen Table Spoon (Tafel Löffel), moulded with basketwork and painted with indianische Blumen, circa 1735-40
A Chinese octagonal Plate with indented rim, richly decorated with figures and animals in the Mandarin style. Qianlong, circa 1760-65
A small Lowestoft Two Dromedaries Creamer, circa 1772
A pair of Kakiemon moulded decagonal Dishes, Kakiemon kiln, Nangawara, Arita, Edo period, circa 1680-1700
A pearlware child’s alphabet Mug, printed in green with a gardener, circa 1830
A pearlware child’s Mug, printed in blue with Charlotte & Lucy looking at the kittens, circa 1830
A large eight-sided Bow Platter, painted with a Chinese riverscape, circa 1755
A Bristol Coffee Cup, painted with floral sprigs. Richard Champion, circa 1775
A rare octagonal Bristol delftware Plate, painted with a winged putto, circa 1730-35
A Sèvres Teapot and Cover (Théière Calabre‘), painted in camaïeu bleu with entwined garlands of flowers. Blue interlaced L‘s enclosing the date letter N for 1766